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Europe » Iceland » Reykjavik
13 June 2011
Reykjavik Iceland Reykjavik Iceland Europe

My trip through Iceland started in capital city Reykjavik where I landed and rented a car to be able to cruise around this gorgeous Island. I soon found out that this country is nothing like any other place I had ever been to before and nature here is so pure that it seems unreal.

From Reykjavik I travelled to places like Thingvellir, Strokkur, Gullfoss, Skatti, Eyjajallajokull,...

Europe » Turkey » Istanbul
13 June 2011
Istanbul Turkey Istanbul Turkey Europe

Istanbul today is one of my favourite cities in Europe and before ever travelling to Turkey I had no idea untill one of my best friends got married there and invited me for the wedding.

Istanbul has a great location which makes it a perfect travel destination combining good weather, beautiful touristic attractions, nice food, nightlife and the beach. Now it has become hard to plan...

Europe » Hungary » Budapest
01 June 2011
Budapest Hungary Budapest Hungary Europe

For my business trip to Budapest I stayed at the Bara Hotel and wouldn't exactly recommend it but since everything was arranged at the last moment for a sudden conference me and my collegues were left with little options. The bed was incredibly hard and there was a lot of noise.

As for Budapest as a travel destination I would recommend this city and would love to return maybe with...

Europe » United Kingdom » London
01 June 2011
London United Kingdom London United Kingdom Europe

Two weeks ago I went on a short holiday to London and had an incredibile four days there. I don't know what it is but everytime I go to London I am so lucky with the weather!

At the moment I live in The Netherlands and the weather in the two countries is pretty similar but this holiday I had some extra luck because as soon as I landed in London the weather just changed immediately...

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon
25 May 2011
Lisbon Portugal Lisbon Portugal Europe

My trip to Lisbon was amazing! Together with my best friend we decided to take this trip to Portugal since we both had never been there and had heard so many good things about it like the food, the weather and the people.

It was a great week and we tried to stuff all the info we had into a Lisbon city tour and started walking. The best thing was exploring the small alleys and neighbourhoods...

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