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Europe » Italy » Cagliari
18 August 2010
Cagliari Italy Cagliari Italy Europe

This year I went to Sardinia on a holiday where me and my family stayed for two weeks in Cagliari, the island's capital city. Cagliari is a very nice small town without the chaos of other Italian capital cities and it's the perfect place if you're planning a beach holiday.

The best thing to do in Sardinia would be to rent a car so you can explore places around Cagliari and visit...

Europe » Italy » Pescara
13 August 2010
Pescara Italy Pescara Italy Europe

In July of this year me and my boyfriend stayed at his parents' house in Montesilvano, near Pescara on Italy's East Coast. We had a lovely two week holiday at the beach and at night we went out to one of the many bars after enjoying a lovely dinner by the sea.

There were a lot of nice bars on the way from Montesilvano to Pescara and I loved Lido Beach, right in the center of Pescare,...

30 July 2010
Sarajevo Bosnia Herzegovina Sarajevo Bosnia Herzegovina Europe

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country which has suffered a lot during the Bosnian war but is also fighting for a better future, that wants to make Sarajevo a travel destination for visitors and a place to celebrate life.

Today Sarajevo is not just the capital city of a country that has been hurt but also of a Bosnia and Herzegovina that is rising and known...

Europe » Serbia » Belgrade
27 July 2010
Belgrade Serbia Belgrade Serbia Europe

Belgrado is the capital city of Serbia and maybe not one of the most popular travel destinations within Europe I thought. Untill I went there earlier this year on a field trip visiting the countries of both Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia.

Belgrade is the largest city of Serbia and probably the country's biggest touristic drawcard for the nice center, the beautiful position of the...

Europe » Switzerland » Thun
26 July 2010
Thun Switzerland Thun Switzerland Europe

In February of 2010 we went to visit some friends who live in Thun near Bern in Switzerland. The luxuruy of having friends abroad is that we were their guests for our entire stay in Thun and they could fill us in on all the nice places to visit.

Thun is known for its stunning Thun Castle and Museum which has become an important site for tourists and locals alike. From Thun's main...

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