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Europe » France » Paris
21 October 2011
Paris France Paris France Europe

The best way to explore Paris is by scooter or vespa and browsing excellent tourist information sites like Tripadvisor you will definately come accross Left Bank Scooters which is the perfect company to organize your Paris sightseeing trip with!

Their website is very clear and will offer you the possibility to book your tour online so no hassle with trying to contact them. Online...

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid
20 October 2011
Ohrid Macedonia Ohrid Macedonia Europe

Called the Jerusalem of Macedonia this pittoresque city located on the shore of Ohrid Lake is one of my family's favourite places.

We had discovered Ohrid on a trip through Macedonia many years ago when we had to visit this city known to have a church for every day of the year, that's 365 churches!

From a must see for its unique architecture we upgraded Ohrid to our favourite holiday destination as soon as we discovered the boat trips on Ohrid Lake and the serenity of the city.

Some people may find Ohrid too quite for a summer holiday but at least have a look...

Europe » Ireland » Malahide
17 October 2011
Malahide Ireland Malahide Ireland Europe

Me and my husband fell in love with the beauty of coastal beauty of Ireland many years ago and one of our favourite places to go and enjoy the outdoors is the town of Malahide not too far from Dublin and therefor also a great destination for a daytrip of weekend away.

The town of Malahide is know in the first place for its number one visitors attraction, the Malahide Castle but you will soon discover that the coastline, the salty winds and the village-like centre of Malahide are just as impressive and you might fall in love with this little gem like we have!

Located in the Dublin...

Europe » France » Paris
17 October 2011
Paris France Paris France Europe

You can't visit Paris and not be amazed by the presence of the many designer boutiques and the elegance of the parisian people. One place to visit if you are in for a serious shopping spree would be Avenue Montaigne near the beautiful Champs Elysees.

Here you will be able to find all the important haute couture maisons from Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Miu Miu to...

Europe » France » Paris
13 October 2011
Paris France Paris France Europe

Believe it or not but I managed to make a reservation at popular Frenchie Restaurant in Paris. This place has been fully booked forever since it has been nominated the number 1 restaurant in Paris by Tripadvisor.

I made my reservation two months ahead, I guess it was in August that I started calling them. Make sure to call through the internet because it's a question of calling and...

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