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Europe » Netherlands » Utrecht
13 December 2010
Utrecht Netherlands Utrecht Netherlands Europe

At the moment I'm in Utrecht to do research for my MA and I will be staying here for the next three months. The Utrecht University is a great place and all the students are really nice and friendly.

In my first week in Utrecht I got the chance to explore some of the city center and of course the bars and restaurants where everyone is going!

I loved this bar called Winkel van Sinkel in the heart of Utrecht and it might be one of the most beautiful bars I've seen in Europe so far. It is enormous and always filled with people.

When you come to Utrecht make sure...

Europe » Spain » Granada
09 December 2010
Granada Spain Granada Spain Europe

I've on a cultural trip to Granada where we stayed a week in the heart of Granada's oldest quarter, Albayzin. I travelled to Granada with my classmates as the trip was part of field trip.

We stayed at the White Nest Hostel which was so nice and colourful plus the location couldn't be better for local sightseeing. The hostel wasn't far to bus and train services either.

In total we stayed 7 days at the White Nest Hostel and had a great time. Albayzin is known for its narrow streets, pittoresque houses and of course the Alhambra Palace which reminds us of the Moorish, the historic...

Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam
04 December 2010
Amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam Netherlands Europe

I was in Amsterdam for the Sinterklaas day. This is a feast for Saint Nicholas, patron saint of Amsterdam. Every 5th of December in the whole Netherlands people are eating chocolate and exchanging gifts.

Last night I played a special Sinterklaas bingo and I won a lot of nice presents for Sinterklaas. In the last days it was really cold in Amsterdam and the streets were full of snow, it was beautiful.

While we were walking around in Amsterdam we met the real Sinterklaas and there were...

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon
03 December 2010
Lisbon Portugal Lisbon Portugal Europe

I grew up in Lisbon, Portugal but have studying for two years in Madrid which definately has become my second home but I still try to go back to visit my family as often as possibile.

This year has been rather hectic and I've only been able to travel to Lisbon in March but luckily I'll be spending the Christmas holidays there again.

Lisbon is a very lifely city...

Europe » Spain » Barcelona
30 November 2010
Barcelona Spain Barcelona Spain Europe

Barcelona is a beautiful city so everyone was really excited when our mentor revealed the travel destination we would be heading to for our annual field trip.

Last year we went to Prague which was also very nice but being November we all prefered a more exotic travel destination so Spain was perfect!

We had great weather in Barcelona and for the time of year it was still pretty warm.

Of course we had to take our advantage and spend some time on the beach but we also did a lot of sightseeing in the center.

Obbligated and must see tourist attraction...

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