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Europe » France » Paris
11 October 2011
Paris France Paris France Europe

The Thalys is the perfect way to travel to Paris as this train will take you there in such a short time that you will feel that taking the train is a lot more comfortable than booking plane tickets to Paris.

This weekend I travelled to Paris by train to spend a weekend there with my sister and we really enjoyed the trip there. We had first class seats which was even better.


Europe » Hungary » Budapest
30 September 2011
Budapest Hungary Budapest Hungary Europe

Working as a freelancer sometimes implies travelling for the job and this is one of the best parts about it, the freedom and the chance to combine what I do with travelling.

My last trip was a short one though and I spent two days in Budapest in Hungary.

The weather was nice but considering the tight time frame that I had to deal with I did not get to do a lot...

Europe » France » Paris
26 September 2011
Paris France Paris France Europe

I had a great time in Paris with my three best friends and I miss the crepes, the street signs, the way they speak..I love it all!

Paris is a special place in France as London is to the United Kingdom and like everyone who asks me if I am from London when I say that I'm from the UK I can't helping thinking Paris is the best piece of France:)

This city is just so...

Europe » Germany » Monschau
18 September 2011
Monschau Germany Monschau Germany Europe

This weekend we made a trip to Monschau in Germany with our family and spend a lovely three days at Hotel Graf Rolshausen which you can see below on our pictures.

The whole town of Monschau is very pittoresque and it is the perfect travel destination for a weekend away from the city and simply get lost in this beautiful place in the hills of the North Eifel in the valley of the Rur...

Europe » United Kingdom » London
14 September 2011
London United Kingdom London United Kingdom Europe

Maybe it isn't the best tourist attraction in London according to Lonely Planet diehard travellers but to me and my boyfriend it was the most fun thing to do in London so a good enough reason to promote M&M World.

Just hop on the Piccadilly metro line or the Bakerloo metro line which both stop at Piccadilly Circus and you can easily walk there.

Free entrance...

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