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Europe » Netherlands » Maastricht
06 April 2010
Public art exposition on Vrijthof Square in Maastricht, The Netherlands Maastricht Netherlands Europe

We decided to spend our Easter monday in Maastricht, a beautiful medieval city in the province of Limburg, in the south of The Netherlands.

We took the train from Amsterdam with stops at Utrecht and Roermond. The total ride took us about three hours which was quite an experience because their were some small delays but in the end the trip went fine!

Maastricht is a gorgeous city and has a very welcoming feel about it. It kind of feels like you're crossing a border but in the end you're still in Holland, eventhough Maastricht is just about 5 chilometers away from Belgium.


Europe » Italy » Mesagne
03 April 2010
Colourful balloons during the Procession of the Virgin Mary in Mesagne Mesagne Italy Europe

I visited Mesagne, in the southern province of Brindisi for a project I was working on during my graduation.

I was able to witness the local festivities during the procession of the Blessed Virgin Mary which was a great experience and it was really surprising to see how the town came to life!

The streets were decorated with light in all kinds of bright colours...

02 April 2010
Baby swans swimming around in Nottingham. Nottingham United Kingdom Europe

In the summer of 2007 I went to England for a college experience in Nottingham.

I made the journey together with my father and brothers, and during 15 days it was my mission to learn everything there is to know about this country, correct English grammar included.

Of course we also had enough time to explore the beauty of the towns around Nottingham like York,...

Europe » Slovenia » Portoroz
01 April 2010
Photos of the caves of Postojna in Portoroz Slovenia Europe

Slovenia is a small but very nice country. I've been to Portorose, a small town on the coast which is known for its luxurious resorts and spa facilities.

Here you'll find a wide range of hotels but also a lot of restaurants, bars and even a casino.

It is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing holiday away from all the chaos. For people who are looking for a bit...

Europe » Malta » Lija
31 March 2010
The swimming pool at our accomodation in Lija, Malta. Lija Malta Europe

Our trip to Malta was a last minute decision but a very good one. As soon as my friends and I arrived at the port of Malta we took a taxi to the Erasmus student dorms where we would be staying.

Our residence was in Lija and in the end we saved a lot of money by sleeping in these dorms which, usually given to Erasmus students or people participating in other study programmes.


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