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Europe » Austria » Vienna
13 July 2011
Vienna Austria Vienna Austria Europe

Vienna is one of Europe's most beautiful capital cities and definately a destination you shouldn't miss while travelling through Austria because there are so many important and fun sites to visit.

My wife and I visited Vienna in June with a group of collegues and the whole trip was pretty much arranged for us, tours and accomodation included. We travelled from Germany to Austria by bus and arrived in Vienna on a saturday morning so there were quite a lot of tourists invading the city centre.

After checking in at the Ibis Hotel we went for a sightseeing tour around the city. I...

Europe » Germany » Berlin
12 July 2011
Berlin Germany Berlin Germany Europe

This weekend I went to Berlin to visit a good friend of mine and together we spend three days cycling around this incredible city! I had never done a tour by bike but since the weather was great during my entire stay it turned out a really convenient and economic way to explore Berlin.

We cycled along the Berlin Wall which devided the city in two after World War II and created the...

Europe » Greece » Samos
12 July 2011
Samos Greece Samos Greece Europe

This June we went to Greece for the summer holidays and stayed near the town of Pythagoreio on the island of Samos in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chio.

We stayed at the Hydrele Beach Hotel in Potokaki near Pythagoreio which had a lovely pool and beautiful gardens surrounding the hotel.

At dinner time there was live music and the staff of the hotel was very...

Europe » Italy » Venice
24 June 2011
Venice Italy Venice Italy Europe

I got the idea to share this blog with all the romantic soles out there looking for the perfect destination because I myself fell in love with Venice as I visited this beautiful city on the water for the first time last year.

I had been to Italy before but Venice like any other city in Italy surprised me, again and that's what I love about this country! Whether you will travel to...

23 June 2011
City of Brussels Belgium City of Brussels Belgium Europe

Together with my girlfriends I planned a city trip to Brussels to visit a college friend of us who moved to Belgium for her MA internship. We stayed in the city center at the Novotel Hotel which where we rented two rooms.

The only negative was the weather but we really loved Brussels and found it such a charming city with the beautiful medieval square called The Grand Place surrounded...

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