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Europe » Monaco » Monaco
03 March 2010
View from our hotel in Montecarlo. Monaco Monaco Europe

Montecarlo would be the magic wonderland of Europe and walking around in that city you can literally feel your jaw drop!

Every two seconds you will see a Ferrari or Lamborghini sportscar driving by and luxury definitely is the key word to this travel destination.

Montecarlo is an amazing place to visit with a pleasent climate and the possibilty to relax on the...

Europe » Italy » Rome
03 March 2010
Photos of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Rome Italy Europe

I made a trip to Rome, the amazing capital of Italy, and in one entire day I tried to see as much as possible from this unbelieveble city.

The first thing I visited was the Colosseum, which looked so different inside than what I expected from it, and was really impressive.

We also visited the different squares, fountain and the statues like Piazza Venezia and...

Europe » Spain » Barcelona
03 March 2010
Photos of Barcelona in Spain. Barcelona Spain Europe

I have been to Lloret de Mar, a touristic getaway not too far from Barcelona, an of course I couldn't leave Spain without visiting this amazing city as well.

Especially in summertime Barcelona is a beautiful place to visit with a lot of activities and events in the city centre.

The streets of Las Ramblas are worth a visit and you will find all sorts of entertainment...

Europe » Greece » Santorini
02 March 2010
Romantic getaway to Santorini. Santorini Greece Europe

Santorini is a very beautiful place and an ideal travel destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The island itself isn't that big and you can easily drive around it on one of the rental scooters.

The capital of Santorini, Oia, is famous for its breath taking sunsets and you can't leave this island without fotographing this natural phenomena.


Europe » Monaco » Monaco
02 March 2010
Panoramic photo of Montecarlo. Monaco Monaco Europe

My trip to Montecarlo is one of my favourites and I simply love this city that never sleeps. Besides the buzzling nightlife and the many eyecatchers you see passing by during the day, Montecarlo is also a very beautiful place with a beautiful sea.

I went scubadiving which was a great experience and there were so many colourful fish and underwater life, amazing!


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