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Europe » Norway » Porsgrunn
29 March 2010
Pictures of Porsgrunn, Norway. Porsgrunn Norway Europe

It's difficult to leave a country this breath taking behind. The complete silence I've experienced travelling through Norway really touched me and it made me feel like I had become part of this immense landscape with its stunning nature and kind people.

Finally visiting countries like Denmark, Sweden and of course Norway was a dream come true and I came across a lot of magical places,...

Europe » Greece » Kefalonia
29 March 2010
Photos of the Greek Islands. Kefalonia Greece Europe

We left Rome early in the morning on the 11th of July, 2009 and headed for Brindisi.

The road from Rome to Brindisi was 570 chilometers long, a intense motor bike ride but still little compared to the total 1600 chilometers we drove during the holiday.

The final destination was Kefalonia, in Greece and to get there we took a ferry from Brindisi to Poros. The Endeavor...

Europe » France » Nice
28 March 2010
Nice France Nice France Europe

In July of 2006 I went to France with a friend of mine to visit the cities of Nice and Menton.

The holiday was great and we had a lot of fun. We went from Italy to France by train and luckily my friend's uncle came to pick us up as soon as we arrived in France.

Nice is a very clean city with a nice climate and very friendly people. Besides Nice we also visited Montecarlo with its famous casino and nice beachside.

I remember this enormous hotel which consisted in four levels and a large club area at the top of the building, pretty impressive and there is nothing...

Europe » Germany » Munich
28 March 2010
Pictures of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Munich Germany Europe

Together with some of my friends I've been to Munich to celebrate the german beer festival of Oktoberfest which was amazing!

This was one of these long weekend where you forget to really pack a suitcase and being there is more important than having a sightseeing plan.

We spent three days in Munich which wasn't too much but we had great fun anyway.


Europe » Italy » Rome
25 March 2010
Photo of the inside stadium of the Colosseum. Rome Italy Europe

The first time I visited Rome was during a field trip. I always heard people talking about the beauty of this eternal city and now I was finally going to witness it all myself!

Piazza del Vaticano was amazing and I couldn't believe how many tourists were standing in line to visit the Basilica of San Pietro.

Each person wanting to enter the basilica had to be searched...

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