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Europe » Moldova » Chisinau
22 July 2010
Chisinau Moldova Chisinau Moldova Europe

From Romania it's a short trip to Moldova so my friends and I decided to go on a road trip from Bucharest to Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova.

I had never been to Chisinau and had only seen the pictures of friends and relatives who had travelled there.

Two weeks ago we had this idea to go on a roadtrip and started joking around. In the end we decided it actually was a pretty good idea so two days later four guys stuffed in a panda were on their way to Chisinau!

The ride took us about 6 hours and we decided to spend a full week in Chisinau so had enough...

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius
20 July 2010
Vilnius Lithuania Vilnius Lithuania Europe

In February I made a business trip to Vilnius where I stayed for 5 days. During my stay I had a room at Hotel Rinno which suited me just fine.

Hotel Rinno is within walking distance of the old center of Vilnius and close to the train station as well. The only thing that might put people off from booking at Hotel Rinno was the fact that there is no elevator but for me it was no problem...

Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam
19 July 2010
Amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam Netherlands Europe

I just came back from a city trip to Amsterdam with my friends. We stayed in the center of Amsterdam at the Victoria Hotel which is located on the Damrak, the main street leading from the Amsterdam Train Station to Dam Square.

One of the thing I had always wanted to do was go on one of the Amsterdam canal boat rides so when we arrived at the station and headed to our hotel, which actually is located next to the dock station of the canal boats, I knew we were going on a boat ride as soon as we had dropped our luggage at the hotel.

It was a splendid day to go on a canal ride and...

Europe » Iceland » Reykjavik
18 July 2010
Reykjavik Iceland Reykjavik Iceland Europe

Reykjavik is the largest city of Iceland and especially from the Perlan, the landmark building of the capital city, you'll see just how pittoresque and beautiful it is.

I travelled to Reykjavik in July so the climate was rather mild, around 10 degrees, whereas in wintertime Iceland really honors its name and can be more than chilly.

I did an internship of three weeks in Reykjavik this July but had been there before to do some research work and I must say that it remains a city that fascinates me for its stunning nature and immense calmness.

I came across some...

Europe » Italy » Florence
15 July 2010
Florence Italy Florence Italy Europe

During 7 months I lived in Rome for my job and in the weekends I always tried to explore either the more rural sites around the city or organize some trips with my colleages to other cities like Florence or Venice.

A day trip to Florence from Rome will take you a bit by car so getting up really early would be a smart idea. Of course you don't have to make a day trip out of it because Florence is a beautiful city and you could easily spend a few days here.

Because we had organized this day trip to Florence we all decided to start driving around 6 in the morning, which obviously...

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