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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland
22 July 2011
Scotland United Kingdom Scotland United Kingdom Europe

Being married to an English man I had travelled many times to the United Kingdom but me and my husband had never been to Scotland so we decided to take out a month to discover this beautiful part of the UK.

We chose to travel for a full month meaning driving through Scotland so that we were able to visit different islands and explore as much of the country as possible and we were...

Europe » Italy » Caserta
20 July 2011
Caserta Italy Caserta Italy Europe

Hello everyone! I'm Angela from Naples and I would like to share a short trip with you which I made earlier this month to Caserta, a city located north of Naples and home to one of the best shopping outlets in Italy, the La Reggia Outlet.

Every now and then me and my friends go there to do some shopping but twice a year we go for the weekend since there are the mega sales ( first week of January and first week of July) and this is probably where you want to do your shopping.

Eventhough Caserta isn't too far away from Naples we always spend a girls weekend out so this year we booked...

Europe » Spain » Madrid
20 July 2011
Madrid Spain Madrid Spain Europe

Me and my boyfriend just came back from an incredible trip to Spain where we weren't blessed with good weather every single day but there sure was a lot of good Spanish food to go with that sangria!

We chose to do a sort of round trip and rented a car upon arrival in Madrid where we would spend our first three days. I will dedicate a small travel blog to every destination on our...

Europe » Portugal » Portimao
15 July 2011
Portimao Portugal Portimao Portugal Europe

Me and my husband travelled to Italy almost every year but this year we decided to spend our holidays in the Region of Algarve on the southern coast of Portugal known as one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

We stayed at the Santa Catarina Algarve Hotel in Portimao which is located in the District of Faro so that would be the airport you'll arrive at. The hotel was great...

Europe » Greece » Athens
14 July 2011
Athens Greece Athens Greece Europe

Athens and Greece in general has been in the new for some time now and things aren't going as well as you might expect from a travel destination as popular as Athens but this doesn't mean that the entire country has become an unsafe place to visit.

Yes, there have been riots all throughout the city of Athens and upon our arrival we witnessed the damage done to shops, public buildings and parked cars. We also spoke to the local people who surprisingly where very happy that we still travelled to Greece since the country is in a national crisis and relies heavy on tourism as it being the country's...

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