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Europe » Italy » Castel Gandolfo
08 January 2010
The entrance of Pagnanelli's in Castel Gandolfo Castel Gandolfo Italy Europe

I discovered Castel Gandolfo by some of my friends telling me this place was just beautiful. So I decided to visit it and it really is amazing!

There is a restaurant called Pagnanelli that has a beatiful view on the lake and the food is the best food i ever had in Italy.

The restaurant has a balcony where you can admire the beauty of the lake of Castel Gandolfo...

Europe » Italy » Naples
07 January 2010
Tram lines in Naples, Italy Naples Italy Europe

Naples, either you love it or you hate it, a city where evil and devine things meet. Of course we all know the pizza from Naples as one of the worlds best inventions but did we ever taste their coffee? A sensation that goes beyond coffee beans!

This is definitely the best place to take a break, sit down and enjoy a cappuccino. At least, if you have time to park your car and sit down...

Europe » Spain » Madrid
03 January 2010
Madrid Spain Madrid Spain Europe

Madrid is Spains largest city and has a beautiful centre with some architectual masterpieces. Walking through the central business distric you'll find some of the longest shopping streets and a number of beautiful plaza's like Plaza Major,Plaza de Canajelas and Plaza de Cibeles.

Madrid is also very popular with clubbers and party people. You'll find a wide range of clubs, bars and discotheques in the Puerta del Sol area where the Gran Via and Alcala Street are filled with young locals and tourists looking for a good time.

Clubs and bars stay open till late and streetlife in Madrid...

Europe » Italy » Pisa
01 January 2010
Roadtrip from Siena to Pisa Pisa Italy Europe

Pisa is a short drive from Siena and world famous for its leaning tower. The 8 stories Pisa Tower which originally was intended to stand vertically started to lean over due to a bad laid foundation at the time of construction and became the city's major draw card beacuse of it.

In total the Pisa Tower is about 55 meters tall and lead counterweights had to be laid next to the tower...

Europe » Italy » Siena
01 January 2010
Palio flags for sale in Siena Siena Italy Europe

Siena is known for its long horse race tradition and every year the palio is held on the 2nd of july and the 16th of august. Not knowing this we were quite lucky to arrive in Siena exactly on august 16th.

During the Palio ten of the seventeen contrade or suburbs are represented by their riders and horses which carry the flag of their contrade and are dressed in the same colours.

Tourists and locals all gather on Piazza del Campo which turns into one big horse racing with the public cheering at the riders from the middle of the square. The riders circle around Piazza del Campo...

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