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Europe » France » Lourdes
09 February 2010
Pictures of volunteers in Lourdes Lourdes France Europe

Every year I volunteer in Lourdes and its everytime a beautiful experience Doing volunteer work in Lourdes is important and people are alwaus really grateful and keep thanking for the help we provide.

Volunteering in Lourdes I have met some amazing people with great hearts and a gift to help others. This year I met a new girl in the organization and we got along rightaway!


Europe » Greece » Santorini
09 February 2010
Sunset over Oia, Santorini Santorini Greece Europe

Santorini is small volcanic island group situated in the southern parts of the Aegean Sea. The beauty of Santorini is hard to describe and it is real magical place. Looking out over the bay of Santorini you will see different smaller volcanic islands constructed by the lava floodings of earliere eruptions.

Today the largest formation is the island of Thira where the municipality...

Europe » Italy » Gallipoli
05 February 2010
View from our B & B La Riviera Gallipoli Italy Europe

Gallipoli is a beautiful fishermans town on the western coast of the region Apulia with a stunning seaside. Driving through the south of Italy you could easily combine a trip to Gallipoli with a visit to the city of Lecce or on a road trip further south.

Gallipoli is located in the province of Lecce and faces the Ionian Sea on the left side of the Salentina Peninsula. The town itself can be divided in two parts, a modern Gallipoli and the older city constructed on a limestone island which looks out over the harbour.

The older city of Gallipoli is popular with tourists and especcially...

Europe » Italy » Palermo
02 February 2010
A boat ready to depart Palermo Italy Europe

After exploring Rome, the capital of Italy, I wanted to visit Sicily and visit the sights of Messina, Taormina, Catania, Agrigento and other places. After arriving in Messina, more about that in my future blogs, I rented a car to get around the island to eventually reach my final destination: Palermo.

My initial plan was to spend several days in Palermo too and see some of this southern...

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague
22 January 2010
Pictures of the Vltava River in Prague Prague Czech Republic Europe

Prague is without a doubt one of Europe's most characteristic cities and not to be mistaken for a copy of travel destinations like London, Rome or Paris.

Prague is the largest and oldest city of the Czech Republic and located on the Vltava River which makes this destination even more attraction. The historical centre of Prague was listed as a World Heritage site more than 15 years...

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