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Europe » Greece » Crete
16 March 2010
Pictures of the typical Greek boats on the island of Crete. Crete Greece Europe

In October of 2005 I travelled to the Greek island of Crete together with some of my friends and colleagues.

Crete must be the perfect place if you're looking for a relaxing holiday. There is plenty of natural beauty to admire and at night you will find enough entertainment as well. The people are really laid back and very friendly.

You will find some stunning...

Europe » Italy » Sicily
16 March 2010
Street signs in Sicily. Sicily Italy Europe

Sicily is an island with an enormous historical and cultural value.

Through centuries many different cultures have called La Sicilia their home and together this melting pot of ideas and values have created the culture that today represents the costums and traditions of the Sicilian people.

On my trip to Sicily I got to see only a small part of this amazing island...

Europe » Ireland » Dublin
16 March 2010
The amazing landscapes of Ireland. Dublin Ireland Europe

In 2004 I went on a trip to Ireland and to my surprise I spend ten amazing days underneath the Irish summer sun. We travelled in the month of June and had great weather throughout our stay.

The days we spend in Ireland were amazing and we got to see some beautiful lanscapes covered in endless stretches of green grass lands.

The contrast with the clear blue sky...

Europe » Italy » Andalo
14 March 2010
Winter holiday in Norther Italy, province of Trento. Andalo Italy Europe

We left for Dermulo on the 29th of Dicembre where we stayed for the New Years celebrations and returned on the 2nd of January.

Eventhough it was a short holiday and we only spend a few days away from home we really had a great time.

We stayed at a hotel in Dermulo but went skiing in Andalo, that is, the others went skiing because unfortunately, due to a knee injury,...

Europe » Italy » Trento
12 March 2010
Photo at the Christmas market. Trento Italy Europe

I have visited the cities of Trento, Merano, Bolzano and Innsbruck together with my aunt and her collegues to go and visit the different Christmas markets in these places.

Some of the markets were pretty amazing and I loved the markets in Merano which has also a great city centre. The Christmas market in Trento was also nice eventhough a bit smaller than the one in Merano.


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