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Europe » Turkey » Diyarbakir
12 February 2010
Photos of Kurdistan, Turkey Diyarbakir Turkey Europe

The Newroz celebration falls on the first days of spring and celbrates the Kurdish New Year. Besides a celebration the Newroz festivities also symbolize the indipendence of the Kurdish people who still battle for their own country.

Kurdistan never succeeded in having their national identity acknowledged by the Turkish authortities and their territory is being controlled by Turkish...

Europe » France » Paris
11 February 2010
Paris France Paris France Europe

My trip to Paris was short but very intense at the same time. We spend a week in Paris and tried to see ad much as possible and I don't remember having walked this much in my entire life..

We had booked a guide to walk us through the city to see all the major touristic attractions and the only thing we didn't get to see was the Palace of Versaille. After spending six days of sight seeiing we had one last day left so we had to choose between Disney Land Paris and the Palace of Versaille, about 20 chilometers south west of Paris.

We decided to visit Versaille but unfortunately...

Europe » United Kingdom » London
11 February 2010
Metro station St. James's Park London United Kingdom Europe

A couple of months ago I went on a day trip to London and I had a great time! If you would like to visit a dynamic metropolis but also appreciate a bit of tranquility London is definitely the place for you. London isn't an economic travel destination but we did manage to find a list of good hotels and hostels that didn't cost a fortune and seemed OK.

Today prices have gone down...

Europe » Cyprus » Famagusta
09 February 2010
Pictures of Cyprus Famagusta Cyprus Europe

End of august we came back from a trip to Cyprus where we travelled around with our old but still decent camper which took us around the entire island. Driving around Cyprus we visit the most touristic part but also the more remote and less travelled roads which was quite an adventure.

Untill several years ago there were direct ferries between Cyprus and Greece but unfortunately...

Europe » Turkey » Diyarbakir
09 February 2010
Armenian girls permorming a dance Diyarbakir Turkey Europe

From Greece we arrived in Turkey by camper, an old one but perfect for extreme conditions like these. We travelled alongside the entire Black sea coast untill we reached the Turkish border with Georgia. We decided to travel down south though the east part of Turkey and follow the borders with Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

We entered the region of turkish Kurdistan where...

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