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Europe » Greece » Kaliviani
05 June 2012

We booked a nice room and we spend a few days in the traditional village Kaliviani.

As me and my wife decide to make our vacations in Greece, we choose to explore the island of Crete.

Our perfect stay on Kaliviani Traditional Hotel made our vacations memorable as is away from the mass tourism and combined privacy and comfort with affordable prices.


Europe » France » Lille
01 June 2012
Lille France Lille France Europe

The city of Lille is located near the Belgium border and is one of the most characteristic places in France. The architecture of the buildings on Grande Place is beautiful and reminded us of cities like Anvers in Belgium.

The square also known as le place du Général de Gaulle is the heart of Lille and from here most attractions can be visited on a walking tour of the city.

For the entire weekend the Novotel Lille Centre Grand Place was our new home and we were really pleased with this hotel as both service and location could...

Europe » France » Versailles
01 June 2012
Versailles France Versailles France Europe

If you wan't to visit Versailles you can plan a day trip from Paris to visit the palace and its incredible art collections.

We found a tour on the internet with Leftbank Scooters which had arranged an entire day tour to Versailles from Paris in vespa!

This was a suprise from my fiance and it really was a unique way to explore Versailles and spend a day of sightseeing...

Europe » France » Marseille
01 June 2012
Marseille France Marseille France Europe

A great way to travel in France for example between cities is by train as the service is great and usually the train stations are located really well. Since I had travelled to Paris several times arriving at Paris Gare du Nord station I decided to travel to Marseille by train as well.

I arrived at Gare Saint-Charles in Marseilles which is located in the 1st arrondissement and forms Marseilles main railway station. From here you can get to Nantes, Toulouse, Bordeaux and many other places all connected by regional trains.

I instead headed to the center of Marseilles for a nice lunch...

Europe » France » Toulouse
01 June 2012
Toulouse France Toulouse France Europe

In the southwestern part of France lies Toulouse one of the largest cities in France after Paris but also Lyon and Marseille.

The city center of Toulouse is really pretty with many squares such as The Capitole of Toulouse Square and Wilson Square with its beautiful fountain.

I also loved the Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Toulouse which is very elegant and reminded me of the Notre Dame de Paris in a way.

If you like a city walking tour don't forget to pass Pont Neuf as...

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