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Europe » Turkey » Goreme
07 March 2011
Goreme Turkey Goreme Turkey Europe

I would like to share a travel experience with you from my latest trip to Cappadocia in Turkey, and in particular Goreme, famous for its Goreme National Park being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The landscape of Cappadocia is dominated by a skyline of hoodoos, also known as fairy chimneys or earth pyramids. The best way to fully enjoy this gorgeous landscape we found was by going...

Europe » Italy » Naples
02 March 2011
Naples Italy Naples Italy Europe

In January of this year we made a trip to Naples which lies on the Tyrrhenian Coast so to get there from Pescara where we live we had to drive across the country first.

Naples is a beautiful city with a lot of characteristic places to eat, shop or simply people watch.

One of my favourite places in Naples is definately the bay area where you can both shop at some of the best designer boutiques and taste some of Naples famous food like a Caprese Salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella or the best Pizza Margherita...

Europe » Greece » Santorini
02 March 2011
Santorini Greece Santorini Greece Europe

Me and my boyfriend love Santorini and go there at least once a year to celebrate our anniversary, which might sound tacky, but we met on this gorgeous island five years ago and have alway had a great time there.

In our case the island of Santorini forms the perfect destination for a romantic holiday but just like when I came here for the first time with friends thousands of people...

Europe » Germany » Rugen
15 February 2011
Rugen Germany Rugen Germany Europe

To turn Valentines Day into something more than just one special day I surprised my wife with a long weekend trip to Rugen Island, the largest island of Germany.

Rugen Island lies in the Baltic Sea, just off the northern coast of Germany has a beautiful environment and is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic getaway weekend.

After doing some research on the web...

Europe » Italy » Siena
09 February 2011
Siena Italy Siena Italy Europe

In October I went to Siena on a fieldtrip with my classmates and we had a lot of fun there.

It was a shame we went there after the palio because witnessing this traditional feast would have made our stay in Siena even better.

We had ok weather but a bit chilly so I would love to return to Siena in springtime or even summer.

One of the highlights..I...

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