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Europe » Italy » Cagliari
14 January 2010
Cagliari Italy Cagliari Italy Europe

Almost every year we visited the home country of my husband who is born on the lovely island Sardinia. Sardinia is famous for her great white sand beaches and blue sea! Every year we visit his parents who still live there and we plan a trip around the island. This year we booked a B&B which I would like to recommend everyone who wants to visited this nice part of the island. At only 15km from Cagliari,...

Europe » Italy » Rome
13 January 2010
The view from the plane arriving in Rome Rome Italy Europe

Today at school many people asked the teacher if Rome was a country or a city. I know that's shocking! Of course Rome is a city! And a beautiful city!

I was there last year and I had a great time. I loved visiting the Colosseum, such a beautiful Roman construction (more than 2000 years old).

Other than the Colosseum I really liked Piazza Venezia, Via del corso (great for shopping)...

Europe » Italy » Catanzaro
12 January 2010
Driving through the hills Catanzaro Italy Europe

Catanzaro is located in the southern Italian region of Calabria and build on a rock looking down into the Fiumarella Valley. The city is famous for its Catanzaro Bridge which connects the different parts of the region and is one of the tallest bridges in Europe.

Driving over the Catanzaro Bridge can be quite an experience as traffic often gets stuck and people get out of their vehicle's...

Europe » Italy » Lecce
10 January 2010
Roman architecture in Lecce Lecce Italy Europe

Lecce in the province of Apulia has one of the most beautiful historic centre's of Southern Italy with the old Roman amphitheatre, the sacred Church of Santa Croce and of course busy Piazza del Duomo. Lecce is famous for its beautifully baroque shaped buildings and referred to as The Florence of the South.

Its difficult to list touristic attractions in this popular city because there...

Europe » Netherlands » Deventer
09 January 2010
Soldier statues in the Bergstraat Deventer Netherlands Europe

Every year the city of Deventer hosts the Dutch Charles Dickens Festival and attract tourists from all over. Even locals find it hard to get into the gates of the Wallstraat, the festivals main street and have to line up with the rest.

This year the festival was held in extreme weather conditions and at a certain point even the thermometer lost track at minus 13! While some people...

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