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27 May 2010
City of San Marino San Marino City of San Marino San Marino Europe

From Rimini where me and my friends live it's a short drive to San Marino which, eventhough it's situated in the heart of Italy, has its own government and may call itself the world's oldest souvereign state.

San Marino has a lot of interesting tourist attractions which make it a perfect travel destination for a city trip of a short holiday away from home.


Europe » Vatican » Rome
25 May 2010
Rome Vatican Rome Vatican Europe

The Vatican is situated in the heart of Rome, the capital of Italy but is considered a souvereine state with its own borders and policy.

Vatican City is one of the most touristic places in the center of Rome and most people visiting the city want to include a Vatican City tour.

I stayed in Rome with some friends who live near the Vatican and had the fortune to...

Europe » Belarus » Minsk
21 May 2010
Minsk Belarus Minsk Belarus Europe

Minsk is the capital of Belarus and another city we visited on our way east. As soon as we arrived we noticed the imposing buildings which are a result of the Stalinist architecture style and characteristic for the city centre of Minsk.

The Railway station square is a good example of this Stalinist architecture and its enormous towers form a gate to the capital.


Europe » Estonia » Tallinn
21 May 2010
Tallinn Estonia Tallinn Estonia Europe

Last summer we have been on a road trip from Germany through Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia all the way up to Estonia with Tallinn as our final destination.

To avoid extreme cold temperatures we choose to go in August and we couldn't have made a better choice.

Road conditions were good and with several stops on the way we completed our travel programme.


Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz
19 May 2010
Vaduz Liechtenstein Vaduz Liechtenstein Europe

Me and my partner just came back from a lovely city trip to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. We live in Stuttgart, Germany so we could easily drive south to Vaduz.

Liechtenstein is one Europe's smallest nations and is borders with Austria in the east and with Switzerland in the west.

A visit to either of these two countries would be a perfect way to combine...

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