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Europe » Norway » Bergen
21 January 2010
The city of Bergen in Norway Bergen Norway Europe

At the end of summer last year me and my wife decided to go on a trip to Scandanavia aboard the luxurious Costa Luminosa cruise ship. We flew to Amsterdam from where the ship would depart for the Norwegian and Danish waters.

Heading to the North Cape we also made a stop in the beautiful city of Bergen, the second largest city of Norway and known for its narrow city streets and stunning...

Europe » Netherlands » Utrecht
20 January 2010
Close to the University of Utrecht Utrecht Netherlands Europe

Utrecht is a great city in the centre of the Netherlands and a good place to stay if you're planning on visiting other parts of the country. The train connection to Amsterdam is good and it will take about half an hour to get from Utrecht to Amsterdam Central Station.

Utrecht itself has a lot to offer with some amazing shopping, great markets and nice restaurants. All these touristic...

Europe » Italy » Catania
18 January 2010
Statue of Vincenzo Bellini Catania Italy Europe

Catania is located in the east of Sicily and has one of the most beautiful and characteristic city centres. Piazza Del Duomo is known as Catania's central meeting point, close to the fish market of Piazza Pardo and the tasty pasticcerie and bars. During the day Catania has a lot to offer and you can spend your days looking for souvenirs on the markets, shopping in the beautiful shopping lanes or by...

15 January 2010
Cadiz Conil De La Frontera Spain Europe


My boyfriend is doing his internship in Madrid, a very nice place aswell, so I went to Madrid to stay with him for a week. We already spoke about maybe going to the south, so it would be a nice small real holliday because of the sun ánd the beach!

First we went with the nightbus to Cadiz, we arrived at Cadiz in the morning. From there we went with the bus to Conil...

Europe » Austria » Mayrhofen
30 January 2010
Skiing in Mayrhofen Mayrhofen Austria Europe

I went skiiing in Mayrhofen for three days. The trip from Holland was very good, it takes just 8 hours. Mayrhofen is a very good area to ski for a little professional skiier.

There is a black piste, called HARAKIRI, it's the most difficult piste from whole Austria. (I didn't take it, haha)


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